“Serulah manusia kepada jalan Tuhanmu dengan hikmah dan pelajaran yang baik dan bantahlah mereka dengan cara yang baik. Sesungguhnya Tuhanmu Dialah yang lebih mengetahui tentang siapa yang tersesat dari jalanNya dan Dialah yang lebih mengetahui orang-orang yang mendapat petunjuk.” (al-Nahl: 125)


Saturday, 11 February 2012

INSOMNIA (actually, no idea T_T)


Assalamualaikum sekalian =)

toing..toing.. baru nak update kah??
Subhanallah! lama betul tak 'menerbitkan catatan' di blog ini..
(tanya pada diri sendiri) anda sibuk ke fatin??
debusshh!! secara jujur, sebenarnya saya tidaklah sesibuk mana pun. 
dan cuba tengok pada tajuk post ini, 'actually no idea.'
saya juga sebenarnya tak ada ilham pun untuk meng update kali ini.. agagaaga...

tapi entah kenapa teringat pula kat satu poem ni.. 
tajuknya Insomnia~

Firstly, kredit to 'Zahid Bin Ghulam' sebab sajak beliau amat meyentuh hati dan banyak pengajarannya..

So, I think  here goes the credit. And You may read the full version of it. And may it touches your heart as it touches mine since the first time I read.. insyaAllah..

okey, now present... INSOMNIA
harap hayatinya.. (^_^)

Trying to sleep but my eyes open wide
With voices whispering from every side
Battles in my mind and nowhere to hide
a futile resistance against the rising tide

Thought after thought taunting my soul
As this constant barrage takes its toll
Eating away slowly now a gaping hole
My mind going crazy and out of control

I search frantically and fail in despair
For something elusive which was always there
Something tossed away without a care
its prolonged absence I can no longer bear

Peace of mind I no longer possess,
A nightmarish life I must confess
So much hardships and so much stress
A constant companion is pain and distress

Tossing and turning all night long
miserable and sad -everything is wrong
what is life? and where do I belong?
Millions of questions and all answers gone

My heart is riddled with grief and sorrow
And with these thoughts my tears flow
All hope lost my heart sinks low
Without a care what happens tomorrow

Finely balanced on the edge of a knife
I see the stranger who lives my life
an emotionless tyrant causing havoc and strife
A corrupted soul where ignorance is rife

My whole world is hypocrisy and lies
And no more goodness do I recognise
Everything I possess I begin to despise
And this voice inside, I hear its cries

Of a promise made before the days of old
In a meeting with my lord - I am told
That forever in my heart, tawheed I would hold
A promise broken for a miserable price sold

This murmuring voice so long ignored
To delay it further, I can not afford
So this mission of truth, I have taken aboard
With conviction my shield and truth my sword

An uphill struggle an eternal fight
Battle-lines drawn between wrong and right
Returning to my lord, I head for the light
Submerged in Salah is my only respite

Lifting my hands to my lord I pray
'let ignorance go and let faith stay
Through your mercy show me the way
Give me guidance so that I can obey'

With an open heart I read the Quran
I discover my Creator's will and plan
Word of my Lord, a guidance for man
Missing pieces restored now I am one

Content and happy, no more tears to weep
Content and happy, I fall asleep
Peace and happiness with faith running deep
Peace and happiness - forever to keep

Dedicated to my brothers and sisters out there who are looking for peace from a brother who has found it in Salah and in the worship of his Lord.
(Zahid Bin Ghulam)

Jazakallahu khairan kathira (n_n)


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usrati jannati:)

usrati jannati:)